Week of 5/7

Monday- Short Story Notes Here is the Powerpoint

Tuesday- “Utterly Perfect Murder”

Wednesday- Modes Assessment (All Freshmen)

Thursday- “Most Dangerous Game”

Friday- Vocab Test; “Most Dangerous Game” DUE: Vocab Lesson

Vocab “27” (From Lessons 28, 29, and 30)

  2. CAL, CHA
  3. CART
  4. DIA
  5. FEN
  6. LITER
  7. LUC, LUM
  8. MITO
  9. NOC, NOX
  10. NOV
  11. PARA
  12. PLANET
  13. PUNC, PUNG
  1. Define base from the book.
  2. Discover and define 4 words that have the base in them.
  3. Choose one of the 4 words to write a sentence on
  4. Draw a picture that represents a DIFFERENT word that you chose. Please label which word you drew (so I don’t have to guess).